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Fitness Programming

What is Fitness Programming?
In short, it is the program that you follow in order to obtain your personal fitness goals.  Whether your goal is to get stronger, add muscle, loss fat, train for a fitness competition, or just be in better overall health.

Your program often depends on multiple factors including:

  • your training experience
  • your equipment availability
  • your time availability
  • your preferred training method
Whether you are training for CrossFit, working on your looks/aesthetics, or training for a sport you need some sort of program to see the progress you want. After an in-depth conversation with you and a questionnaire, I come up with everything that has to do with your fitness program, from your warm-up each day to your reps and sets to your cool-down stretches.  I take care of every aspect of your training, you just have to do the work!
Fitness Programming

What is included with your monthly programming:

  • Weekly Customized Workouts (unlimited number of workouts)(you have the ability to view the whole week as well as a daily email reminder)
  • Access To TrueCoach App for tracking of workouts and results
  • Video Demos of all Movements
  • Ability to send videos for review by me
  • Direct Access for Questions (business hours)
  • Daily Review and Commentary of Workouts

Areas of Expertise


Areas of expertise:
– full body strength training
– hypertrophy training (muscle building)
– Olympic Weightlifting

Sport & Conditioning

Areas of expertise:
– CrossFit
– conditioning for sports

Nutrition & Health

Areas of expertise:
– muscle gain & fat loss
– sports performance nutrition
– meal prepping & intuitive eating