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Nutrition Coaching 

What is Nutrition Coaching?
Nutrition Coaching is the process of learning how to properly eat for your health and fitness goals.  Different goals require different ways of eating when it comes to your food selections.

Join me as I teach you the important lessons including:

  • macronutrients vs micronutrients
  • eating for muscle gain
  • eating for fat loss
  • how to eat for performance
  • how to properly time your meals for your goals
  • how to track your food to maximize your potential
  • how to eat intuitively and without guilt
  • how to meal prep for long-term sustainable success.
Whether your goal is to gain muscle, lose fat, perform for a sport, CrossFit, or to just eat healthier I can help.
Nutrition Coaching

What is included in the monthly nutrition coaching program:

  • Customized Nutrition Guide
  • 30-minute Goal Setting Session (each month)
  • The Mary Teunis E-Cookbook
  • Direct Access for Questions (business hours)
  • Weekly Nutrition Log Review and Analysis
  • 2 weekly check-ins- Wednesday and Saturdays
  • Weekly Plans of Action- lessons that you actively put into action and keep track of
  • Adjustment to Plan as you progress